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Try listening to this while doing your morning workout. Really good episode from one of my favorite duos from the Art of Charm podcast.

In today’s episode, we cover flow state with Steven Kotler. Steven is the founder and executive director of the Flow Research Collective, and is the author of nine international bestsellers including The Rise of Superman and Stealing Fire, and has a new book, The Art of Impossible – A Peak Performance Primer, coming out this month.

Flow state is an amazing aspect of the human experience that can boost your productivity to untold levels, but why is it also important to our happiness and strength as a community, how do you tap into it in your daily life, and what is the biggest myth surrounding flow state?

What to Listen For

Steven Kotler’s Introduction – 0:00 What is Flow State and How Do You Get Into It – 10:40

What is flow state and how do you get into it? What is flow state and why is it important for our satisfaction and community strength? What are the 6 core characteristics of flow state? Why does time seem to slow down when in flow state? Are we doing damage to our children by not pushing them to play outside and experience the flow state early on? What happens biologically when we find ourselves in flow state? What are flow triggers and how can we use them to get into flow when we most need it? What is the first rule of improv and why is it integral to getting into flow state in a conversation?

The Myth About Flow State – 31:45

What is the biggest myth around flow state?

Taking Care of Your Mind When You’re Pushing Yourself – 33:46

What can you do if you are worried about burn out? How are anxiety and flow state connected, and what can you do to manage your anxiety so it doesn’t kill your flow state? Why do affirmations not work while gratitude does work? What is the difference between active recovery and passive recovery and why does one pale in comparison to the other?

Entering into flow state used to be something associated with artists and athletes, but science has shown it is accessible to anyone with the ability to focus. Being in a flow state is a result of focusing on a task to the point where you’re not trying to think – all of your thoughts and actions simply flow. But tapping into your flow state, as with anything, requires consistent practice with whatever it is you are doing, and a willingness to focus without distraction.

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